Mineral paints pair perfectly and are the longest lasting choice for exterior brick, stone and stucco. Indoors, mineral paints are stunningly beautiful and are the healthiest paints you can buy. Guaranteed.

The right way to paint brick, stone and stucco

Mineral surfaces need mineral paints. And no mineral paint protects your home better, lasts longer, and is lower maintenance than Keim. Guaranteed.


Mineral Masonry Paint Color: 9385

Dazzling interior beauty, the healthiest paints

Mineral paint with incredible beauty and color brilliance, hand crafted luxury paint made from only natural, healthy ingredients. Guaranteed.


Paint that never peels

Walls should BREATHE and mineral paints let them

Longest lasting and least maintenance

Mineral surfaces of brick, stone and stucco NEED mineral paints that penetrate, fuse and become part of the masonry for longer life

Colors that won’t fade

Your color relationship should LAST and not fade over time

The safest and healthiest paints

Certified PURE with no harsh chemicals, VOC’s or additives for healthy indoor living

Incredible beauty and luminous color

Crystalline finish diffuses light for colors that are naturally more RADIANT and luxurious