Let’s meet under the
falling leaves

shorter days, crisp air, falling leaves and
pumpkin spice everywhere

Live colorfully!

What a wonderful time of year! Fall engages all our senses with crisp air, sumptuous morphing colors and nostalgic scents.

This year, envelope yourself with healthy mineral paints in our luscious, limited collection of mineral colors straight from nature. These colors are sure to comfort and excite through fall and those long winter months that lie just ahead.

Each color is hand-crafted and lovingly made using only nature’s finest earthen pigments—no chemicals here. But wait till you experience first-hand how mineral paint colors literally glow and provide a depth of color saturation simply not found in even the most premium acrylic paints.

Join us to see what all the fuss is about—experience Keim mineral colors created just for you!

Discover beautiful, healthy paint colors to refresh every space, indoors and out..

Color: 21044

Color: 22177

Color: 22175

Color: 22174

Color: 21009

Color: 22176

Color: 20310

Color: 20105

Color: 20305

Color: 20106

Color: 21215

Color: 20297

Color: 9021

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