T R E N D S for Y O U

F E E L S like F A L L

Explore an inspiring array of trending mineral color tones to delight the senses, no matter what the season.

The Perfect Fall + Winter Edit

Getting Cozy Again

In 2021 we jumped at the chance to spend an endless summer outdoors, after the pandemic shut in. As those long days of summer shorten and the air becomes crisp, we turn our attention to making our indoor spaces a bit cozier and welcoming. Our inspiration is here to help keep you feel just a bit warmer on chilly nights. Rooms to host dinner with family or friends, and those heart-warming holiday get togethers. Explore how the perfect mineral paint color can make your home look and feel more comfortable this fall and winter, and enjoyable for all!

Mineral Paint color 9135

Intimate and creamy color tones for the coziest rooms

Beautiful by nature, color 9135 is the perfect blend of warm and inviting, but modern enough to feel totally relevant now. Who says the perfect pink’s moment is over? With undertones of red and yellow ocher, it blends perfectly with the warm tones of fall décor and is perfectly suited to an optimistic viewpoint year-round. Paired here with a rich terra cotta hue and natural dried florals for an easy-going look that feels both seasonal and ageless.

Daringly dark, perhaps the perfect gray

The enduring comfort of the perfect gray never goes out of style and is the perfect backdrop to seasonal “pops” of color. Our foolproof and handsome shade of gray has undertones of both yellow and blue to add complexity and depth to this wonderful neutral shade. Is it time to be daring with a dark hue in your home?

Mineral Paint color 20297

A comfortable olive green

Like a favorite cashmere sweater on a cool day, this warning green color wraps you with a sense of calm and serenity. Embracing stronger colors in your home has never been healthier, and this modern take on the traditionsl olive hue offers much to love. Perfect for fall, of course, this olive hue lives beyond the season with a shade reminiscent of lish foliage at dusk. Here used to dramatic effect to create a truly mid-century modern vignette.

An understated and cushy warming gray hue

One of the easiest neutral hues to work with is color 21001 with its calming and clean aesthetic. The perfect partner to golds and yellow accessories, it also pairs with warm white and natural wood tones. Here the traditional fireplace mantel marries new tradition with modern. How better to welcome the transition of Fall?

Mineral Paint color 21001

The new traditionalist

A romantic favorite, our blackened red tone 20304 is rich and welcoming at any time of year. Perhaps our most elegant color tone it is extremely popular in dining rooms where red has been long established as a go-to color. Reading more “burgundy” than red, this finish feels wonderfully aged and established but never looks stodgy.

The rarest gold tones

This luxurious deeply saturated golden color gives us a surprisingly vintage vibe, even when paired with modern décor. Cozy and not too yellow, used with some restraint, this color can be moody and provocative. It pairs splendidly with grays and olives for a seasonal twist. Such a saturated hue, however, can easily overwhelm a small room, so choose this wonderful color wisely, perhaps as a focal point or accent wall?

Welcoming texture of European Limewash in a smashing color

Color 21003 is especially beguiling in our European Limewash paint finish, with its understated texture and mottled tone-on-tone appearance. The crystalline matte flat nature of limewash imbues your walls with the look and feel of hand-finished plaster for truly custom and artistic walls. This wonderful gray green hue adds unsurpassed depth of color and is the perfect accent for traditional neutral shades and light natural wood tones.

A warm and accessible terra cotta

A striking earthen red hue balances a warm, earthy feel with the richness of yellow ocher undertones. Most often used as an accent color, this shade responds extraordinarily to changes in light throughout the day. At first light the color exudes shades of coral and deepens as the sun drops at day’s end. We can’t think of a cozier color, can you?

Deep gray brown color warm up the dreariest winter days

A wonderful warm brown shade makes this color instantly appealing. The richness blends effortlessly with so many other colors it especially loves to be paired with metallic shimmer and black accents. With a slight red undertone, pair this classic brown with deep wood tones for a modern or traditional feel. And with the beautiful texture of Mineral Wall Paint your walls give the impression of a luxurious sueded feel.

A dusty, barely-there blush

Our comfy blush owes its softness to a yellow undertone giving it a more timeless appeal. This hushed color is a wonderful backdrop for a child’s bedroom and pairs incredibly well with natural wood tones. It works equally well in contemporary or traditional décor and provides the chilly days ahead with a warming glow.

Mineral Paint color 21008

An eternal dark gray green

Color 9382 appears at first glance as a traditional hue with a time-honored neutral appeal. It is, though, perfectly at home in traditional settings and works especially well with natural materials. To warm up the winter blues, use this earthen shade with dried naturals and natural hued wood tones. It is especially alluring when paired with the rich texture of velvet.