Limewash Brick Exteriors

Keim Limewash from Europe is the quintessential finish for homeowners seeking an old-world finish that gracefully ages over time. Limewash has been used for centuries to decorate and protect masonry across the globe. Today’s limewash is easy to install with many application techniques to yield a very customized, personal look. The limewash gently ages away to result in more and more “patina” over time. 

Here a semi-transparent Limwash was applied in a uniform finish to result in a veil of new color. Note how the new color relies on the color of the original brick to “meld” with the limewash color for a new, combined color tone. We love how the brick’s original silhouette is maintained, yet is given an update with a fresh new whitewash appearance. To achieve the semi-transparent look the Limewash was mixed 1 part Limewash with 2 parts water. 

The distressed application technique gives Keim Limewash a more antiqued appearance, as if the finished has been aged over decades of weather. Here, natural weathering over years and years has eroded some areas of Limewash more than areas that are more protected. This wonderful “patina” is one of the most appealing aspects of Limewash. And this same look can also be achieved with newly installed Limewash by following our simple application directions. 

Rough and rustic, this brick masonry was finished with Limewash in an overall transparent wash to dramatic effect. The wash here tones down the earth tone colors of the brick giving the otherwise more rustic texture a refined and elevated appearance. Limewash was mixed 1 part with 2 parts water and applied in two applications. 

Rustic and rough sawn cedar pairs brilliantly with Limewash applied to brick for a rustic English cottage feel. The Limewash was applied in two coats mixed with an equal amount of water for a uniform, but slightly transparent finish that hints at the brick’s character beneath. Paint colors for the wood accents were matched to the color tone of the new Limewash brick color. 

Lazy summer days spent on this porch are sure to create memories that will be cherished for many years. This distressed Limewash installation is simply stunning in how it gives a time-honored “patina” to the newer home’s exterior. It reminds us of a gentler time. Notice how the limewashed façade pairs perfectly with he brick terrace floor for a cohesive design strategy.