I N S P I R A T I O N for Y O U

Scroll down to find some of our favorite mineral wall colors used to absolute perfection. We hope you enjoy the colorful journey.

Mineral Paint Color 20297

Monochrome Bliss

Monochrome color schemes are not new, but their use is currently trending. Unlike designing with several colors, a monochrome scheme focuses attention and provides balance and unity, delivering a very cohesive design. When relying on one color hue, varying textures with a mix of materials is vital to keep the design interesting. Here the beautiful mineral matte nature of Mineral Paint pairs perfectly with a variety of textures and sheens.

Mineral Paint Color 20311

Mineral Paint Color 33

Earthy Neutrals are Never Boring

Color inspiration from mother earth. Natural and elementary. Muted and subdued hues. Colors for most any style. Rusty oranges and terra cotta, sage and olive green, peachy pinks and beiges or tans. Earthy hues need not be heavy and can be light and airy as in this beautiful tableau. Color 33 is grounded, but here takes on an ethereal and dreamy countenance when matched with natural woven textures, gorgeous hardwoods, and black metal.

Mineral Wall Paint Color 9457 An Understanded Gray

Perhaps the most accessible of our Rare Mineral Color neutrals, color 9457 has become one of our favorite hues. Neither too warm nor too cool, its subtle gray tone creates a hushed and calming feel. Here, with a decidedly feminine appeal, it pairs effortlessly with warming metals and soft flirty colors and textures.

Mineral Wall Paint Color 18014

A complex green mid-tone hue that is grayed down with a slight blue undertone to give it a modern edge. Pairs perfectly with most other gray-green tones, lighter woods and here is a stunning backdrop to dramatic black and white photography collection. It is cozy, with depth and balance, but is never the center of attention.

Limewash Color 9276

Traditional Limewash gets a modern makeover in this tribal inspired living room. The graceful textured look of limewash is updated with a delicate white for a barely there and almost translucent feel. One of the easiest going mid-tone whites, the sublime texture of limewash anchors this hushed tone. It is clean and understated and pairs perfectly with grays and natural wood or stone elements.

Mineral Wall Paint Color 21011 Seaside Anyone?

Painting concrete can be tricky. But the natural elemental look and feel of Mineral Wall Paint is the perfect companion and just look at this airy blue green hue. Not too precious or sentimental, with just the right neutral undertone, color 18014 is just perfect for this modern seaside getaway. Who wouldn’t love unwinding here?

Mineral Wall Paint Color 20308 A Never Fail Blue Hue

A little drama please. This fabulous navy-ish color shade exudes elegance and sophistication yet can be a bit playful too. Paired with rafia, in-the-moment cane accents, and graphic patterns to dress it down a bit. We think this color is pure magic for its unique personality, sometimes navy and other times deep marine blue with black undertones.

Mineral Wall Paint Color 21006

A Radiant Golden Hue

An unassuming yellow tone is both warm and chalky, and oh so chic. Not too intense or sunny it has a distinctly green undertone which gives it a sumptuous feel, creating art-inspired spaces, especially when paired with luxe velvet and burnished metals. We think this color Tres chic.

Mineral Paint Color 20106

A Sophisticated Take on Black and White

Just a shade away from pure white, color 20106 benefits from the addition of the tiniest amount of yellow ochre to warm it up. Softer than most of our whites, it pairs sumptuously here with black linen and aged wood for an easy-going elegance that’s hard to beat.