Fiber Cement Siding Exteriors

Perhaps nowhere is the mineral matte beauty of mineral finishes better showcased than on exterior surfaces of fiber cement boards and siding. The perfect surface for mineral paints, the matte nature of Keim paints is ideally suited to the durability and beauty of this popular building material. Here you will find subtle hues that embrace the architectural style.

The perfect color combination can be welcoming and add the perfect character to your home’s architectural style. Here a classic blend of dusty blue and tan, framed in white provides just enough drama to command attention while welcoming you home. 

Add a bit of charm to your home’s exteriors with an unexpected, but subdued color in combination with a familiar color tone. Here a warm, creamy yellow, color #42 has been artfully woven together with more traditional shades of offwhite.  Siding color: #9556 and trim color: #9870. 


Minimalist and monochromatic color combinations can be both soothing and pleasant without overwhelming the architecture. Here a muted blend of not-so-gray tones compliments the style providing a perfect foil for the earthy green front door. Siding colors: #31, shingle siding color: #30 and trim color:  #71

The warmth and texture of natural stone pairs perfectly here with toned down hues of grayish blue and earthy green set off with a crisp white trim. We think this color combination is perfect for the corner location of this stunning home.