Stucco Exteriors

Stucco is the epitome of mineral texture and hand craftsmanship. Whether your home’s exterior is authentic Portland stucco, an historic plaster or even synthetic stucco associated with insulation systems, Keim Mineral Paints are the ideal longest lasting finish. Your stucco will appear more natural with mineral paint and you can enjoy complete color options to last decades. And mineral paints even darken after rain, just like stucco and the slightly “chalky” appearance is completely authentic. 

Monochrome color combinations are a perfect way to allow your architecture to speak for itself. Here the pallet of various shades for gray, from the roof tiles to window surrounds and fence pave the way for the classic off white color 9595. 

Do you love unexpected pops of color like we do?  Be bold when selecting colors for contemporary forms. Here a “pumped” up terra cotta shade gives movement and drama to the simple linear forms of this modern home. Paired here with cooling gray precast elements and the warmth of natural wood trim for updated appeal. 

This modern home’s exterior has a wonderful mix of textures and complimentary color tones. Stucco is the perfect monolithic surface for mineral colors to no only look their best, but to provide a unique radiant appearance in any weather.    

This delightful historic cottage home gives us plenty to be envious of. Its wonderful green hues are perfectly suited to the style and scale, while anchoring the home in its landscape. This home is certainly a stand-out in the neighborhood.

This European styled traditional stucco home combines complimentary color tones to visually break up the mass of the façade while cleverly leading the eye to the entry. We love how the slate roof tiles blend perfectly with the stucco colors. 

Another stunning European exterior artfully combines stone and stucco with a warm and unexpected burst of “mellow” yellow. The gray wood trim and garage doors tie in the shingles and wrought iron fence for a masterful palette.


A charming country French exterior gets a modern update with a subdued color palette that bridges the stone base of this home with its architectural roof tiles. The gray-blue shutters add a classic, but modern accent. Cestmagnifique!

Perhaps no style of home lends itself more to the chalky mineral matte nature of Keim Mineral Paint than this adobe style with its earthen shapes and color. The perfect compliment is our beautiful mineral matte color. 

A contemporary Spanish design in Texas couples natural clay tiles with a clay inspired stucco color. A playful touch is the olive green front door. 

Contemporary design is often enveloped in pure white, and here the whitest mineral paint color is used to dramatic effect, when paired with a striking charcoal-gray. The clean architectural lines are highlighted by the purity of the mineral white and the touches of natural wood trim warms up the palette.   

In this contemporary Spanish design the warmth of red brick and clay roof tiles is the perfect frame for the warmth of mineral color #114, with its undertones of red and yellow. 

The charming Spanish Colonial architecture of this California home demonstrates the unique harmony of mixing light and dark shades with a bridge of a neutral mid-tone color.  The pale cream stucco contrasts with the deep red clay tile roof while supporting the surprising greenish gray trim and shutter colors. These colors are in perfect balance.